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Standardized Test Practice

The assessments are aligned to the current high school biology science standards of California. However, when the new common core science standards are released, the assessments will be aligned to the common core science standards. Topics include:

  1. Scientific Method - theory / hypothesis, models, scientific process, experimental error, graphing, equipment. Example
  2. Biochemistry - macromolecules, enzymes, energy, water. Example
  3. Cells - organelles, processes, plasma membrane, metabolism, reproduction. Example
  4. DNA - genetics, DNA structure, DNA replication. Example
  5. Protein Synthesis - central dogma, gene expression. Example
  6. Evolution - natural selection, evolution of populations, evidence. Example
  7. Ecology - environmental science, populations, cycles, energy transfer, communities, ecosystems. Example

High School Biology Assessments

Student taking an online test

All assessments are written at the level of a high school biology class. There are many types of rigorous questions that require students to apply their knowledge. The question types include multiple-choice questions, multiple-answer questions, vocab/matching questions, drag and drop questions, image based questions, and more. The computer grades all questions so students and teachers can see immediate results. Teachers can choose to use these tests and quizzes as their assessment tool, as homework, or as a supplement to their current curriculum.

License Types

Teacher License:
  • Access to all assessments for biology
  • Data analysis of quiz scores per period
  • Data analysis of quiz scores per student
  • Subscription-based licence is for 6 months
  • Maximum of 220 students
School Site License:
  • Everything in the teacher license
  • PLC data analysis
  • Up to 15 teachers per site can have access


  1. Flash Player 10 (not included with Apple's iPAD)
  2. Internet web browser with Javascript enabled
  3. Computers with Internet for students to take the assessments
Purchase Biology Assessments
License Price
Teacher $10 US
School Site $100 US
Purchase Order
Prices are based on a subscription.
All applicable taxes apply.

Online Homework

Most students have access to a computer and the Internet at home. The simple task of taking these tests as homework, imparts knowledge. At the end of each quiz the student knows immediately which questions they missed and are given hints to each question, making the quiz a learning tool. Students are also told what concepts they know and what areas need improvement. Retaking the quiz does not repeat the same questions. By the time they pass the quiz with high grades, means they probably have learned the subject matter. Some students at home may take the test with an open book or notes. However, looking up the answers over and over again as homework, also imparts knowledge.

Lesson Plans Inc.’s online biology tests and quizzes are perfect for teachers of all levels of experience. Imagine having enough free time to implement changes to your curriculum based on data from your students. Today's students enjoy the interactive animations and format of Lesson Plans Inc.’s online biology tests and quizzes. Sign up today by clicking the teacher or school site license. We accept credit cards online or school purchase orders.

Online Testing Features

  • All biology quizzes are included with subscription.
  • 20 question quizzes with over 700 quality questions in the question bank.
  • Instant grading - students know the results immediately after they finish the test or quiz.
  • Prevent student cheating - randomized questions from a question bank, randomization of answer choices, random order of questions, etc. Each student gets a different assessment that tests the same concepts and knowledge.
  • Instant analysis of test/quiz concepts and scores.
  • Organize students by period.
  • Choose to allow students to retake an assessment in order to show mastery of a concept or topic.
  • Require students to study before retaking an assessment.
  • Make an assessment available based on a date and start time of a period.
  • You can see how all your classes performed on a given concept. This makes it easy for you to know what areas to re-teach.
  • See a breakdown on how all of your students did on each quiz or test question. Results are organized by the most commonly missed questions for a particular assessment.
  • You are in control of your students’ login accounts. Easily and quickly add multiple students to a period using a text file.
  • Be able to see a student’s first result from taking an assessment and see the student's highest result if they are retaking an assessment. This allows every student the ability to show mastery of a unit or concept even after they initial assessment is over.
  • Know exactly when a student took each assessment. Great for keeping track of homework.
  • Learn each student's subject matter weaknesses. You instantly see where an individual student needs help.
  • You can see how many times a student attempted a particular test or quiz.
  • See a breakdown of how an individual student did on each quiz or test question. Results are organized by the most commonly missed questions for a particular assessment.
  • You can see the average scores of all your periods on a particular assessment or the average score per period.
  • Description of content for each test and quiz.
  • Use of your localized dates and times.

Additional school site license features include:

  • PLC data analysis
  • Easily add teachers to Lesson Plans Inc.’s web site.
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