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Lesson Plans Inc. offers life & physical science teachers curriculums that are    
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Student centered lesson plans create a fun learning environment for science classes!    
Online Biology Formative Assessments
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Free High School Biology Lessons

Excretory System     Biology lesson plans are free. There are many benefits to having great lesson plans in your biology classes. Biology can be many students’ favorite subject. By the time students reach high school most have already developed their preferred learning styles. Students learn faster and retain more information when the educational curriculum matches their preferred learning styles. Students tend to become bored with high school when teachers use only one or two teaching methods. Students who were formerly bored with biology may once again become interested in your class, with the help of biology lesson plans which integrate multiple teaching methods. When students are interested in a class, they earn a better grade, which, in turn, leads to higher self-esteem and a greater feeling of success. The student-teacher relationship improves when students are successful and take an active role in participation.

Online Tests & Quizzes

    Lesson Plans Inc's online biology tests and quizzes are perfect for teachers of all levels of experience. Today's students enjoy the interactive animations and format of Lesson Plans Inc's online biology tests and quizzes. Sign up today and improve your student's test scores.

Science Education

    Science education is important for all students. The sciences are college prep classes but science education is also great for hands-on learners. Many at-risk students who find lectures and book work boring can become reinvigorated by the stimulating labs and activities that science has to offer. Science education can also make math fun by offering students a look into some of its practical uses, thereby instilling a greater interest, not just in science, but in math as well.

Free Science Curriculum

You can access our biology and life science lesson plans for free.

Middle School Life Science

    Lesson Plans Inc. has free life science lessons for junior high school. Many of the lessons are scalable to different grade levels. They also offer a starting point for creating your own lessons. Most of the lessons posted require little to no expensive lab equipment, and most of the supplies for activities can be purchased at local stores.

Elementary School Science

    Lesson Plans Inc. also has links to free life science lessons for elementary school teachers. Many of the lessons are a great introduction to science, while other lessons focus around a specific topic. Most of the lessons require little to no expensive lab equipment. Some activities may require supplies which can be purchased at local stores.

Different Learning Styles

Double Helix     There are four main learning styles: auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), kinesthetic (moving) and tactile (touching). In addition to these four styles, a good biology curriculum should allow students to be analytical, innovative, and emotional. Enhance your science curriculum today. Download lesson plans for free.

Why Lesson Plans Inc?

    Curriculum is the most important aspect of any class. Lessons that integrate various learning styles, while capturing student interest, have the greatest impact on learning. This integration is the most important factor when differentiating between a mediocre teacher and a great one. Writing high school science lesson plans that incorporate different learning styles, as well as student interest, which, at the same time, meet state standards is very difficult. Perhaps this is why many science teachers frequently use worksheets. Let Lesson Plans Inc. become your educational resource for high school, middle school, and elementary school science classes.
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